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Thursday, March 21, 2013

REVIEW of SHELTER - A film by Jonah Markowitz

Reviewed by Robert M. Tilendis
here! Films, 2007
ASIN: B0013D8LCW; US $24.98

I first saw Shelter on its theatrical release in 2007. The film had gotten raves when shown at "Reeling" (Chicago's gay and lesbian film festival), and I was in the mood for a nice boy-meets-boy story. The film is a little more than that.

Zach (Trevor Wright) dreamed of going to Cal Arts (the California Institute of the Arts), but family obligations got in the way - his mother died, his father's not in good shape after injuring his back, and his sister Jeanne (Tina Holmes) is working her way through a string of boyfriends while Zach seems to be the one who's actually raising her son, Cody (Jackson Wurth), who's soon to start kindergarten. Zach spends his time, when not at his dead-end job as a short order cook, doing street art and surfing. His best friend Gabe (Ross Thomas), who comes from the high-rent district, is off on an extended trip, but while Gabe's away his older brother Shaun (Brad Rowe) is down from L.A. Shaun taught Zach to surf. Shaun is also gay, but that doesn't stop Zach from spending time with him. The inevitable happens, but the road there is more than a little roug

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About the reviewer:

Robert M. Tilendis is a writer and artist from Chicago. Although he seldom leaves the city these days (maintaining stoutly that in addition to being one of the liveliest places you can live -- City Hall alone is worth the price of admission -- it's also one of the most beautiful cities in the world), he's made his presence felt worldwide through Hunter at Random, his blog; Booklag, his online journal; and his work at Sleeping Hedgehog, where he is Editor, Green Man Review, and Epinions.

Somehow, he finds time to watch movies

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